QSIT IT-Quality Assurance

If you are looking for a trusted third party for software testing, stop searching - QSIT IT-Quality Assurance may be the right partner for you

  • In case you need independent software quality assurance resources and expertise,

  • If you are looking for quality assurance design and development experts,

  • Or if you have to develop and run load and performance tests.

High quality software is decisive for being successful in the automotive industry. Many features and functions in a modern car are software based. With the advent of autonomous vehicles, e-call and other connected services, the quality of the software has to go hand in hand with the quality of the car.

In parallel, the introduction of big data technologies and increasing digitization drive complexity up to unprecedented levels. Cloud services and a multitude of system interfaces require an excellent understanding of a system’s operational environment.

Assuring the quality of today’s complex systems has become an ever growing challenge. Finding bugs is like finding a needle in a haystack: besides the right methods and tools, you need the adequate test manager expertise.

in4com.de is closely following the market and found QSIT IT-Quality Assurance to be a partner you can trust when test quality, timeliness, and expertise are of utmost importance.

Very often, QSIT IT-Quality Assurance gets initially involved when there is a need for diligent, independent testing following a given test plan, e.g. for a specific vehicle function. The test results are documented by QSIT engineers and fed back to the responsible development teams.

Due to excellent results and responsiveness, QSIT engineers are getting more and more involved in designing the tests. Most aspects in an automotive OEM’s IT environment such as applications, data center software, or database servers are covered. A specific QSIT focus area is the design, implementation, and execution of load and performance tests, for example simulating a huge number of app users.

Test automation is an inherent element of the QSIT test strategy to fulfill stringent time and resource constraints. Typical tools in use are UFT (HP Enterprise), LoadRunner (HP Enterprise), Selenium, ABAP (SAP), JIRA (Atlassian),  and ALM (HP Enterprise). QSIT is ranked highest in the supplier database of the worldwide largest OEM.

As Dr. Henry Guzmán, QSIT founder and CEO put it in an interview: "Testing latest technologies and increasing the efficiency of IT systems by intelligently applying advanced QA methods and tools has always been a dream of mine. In QSIT we are turning this dream into reality when working with our customers at the forefront of the technical evolution."