• [Monitored] Mobility – a Safe and Secure Experience!?

    Digital Sovereignty 2.1 - Mobility Services

    It is no longer a question, but a fact that the Internet is in the car. After discussing a number of

    Digital Sovereignty - Why Do We Give It Up?

    Data required for a virus can?

    It is so easy - everything is for free, just check out the Internet! Click on a free App, download the App, install and run. One can find Apps for nearly everything. And for even the simplest pieces of information you give away whatever is stored about you on your phone. The

  • Digital Transformation is Based on Digital Sovereignty

    Digital Sovereignty 1.2 - Digital Transformation is Based on Data Sovereignty

    In the course of the ongoing digital transformation data owners will become part of the value chain - our data are valuable - we have to charge for their use!

    Data are Entering Blue and White Collar Work


  • The Right Internet Technologies for Our Health System

    Big data and Internet technologies are expected to play an important role for the implementation of a human and affordable health system. However, humans have to be in focus when designing the technology and its use. A decentralized approach and digital sovereignty of users are decisive

  • Digital Sovereignty - What is it?

    Digital sovereignty denotes the authority of individuals over their presence and representations in the digital world.

     The definition of digital sovereinty is relatively flurry due to its varying meanings. So for this brief discussion, we have searched

  • Digital Sovereignty – why we need it

    Our digital alter ego  is abundant - and we better take care of it. The concept  of digital sovereignty should help us to manage it.

    Each and every one of us has a digital alter ego. But who of us knows, where this alter ego is