Data required for a virus can?

It is so easy - everything is for free, just check out the Internet! Click on a free App, download the App, install and run. One can find Apps for nearly everything. And for even the simplest pieces of information you give away whatever is stored about you on your phone. The image shows a quick example what you open up when installing a virus scan tool (I have checked at least 5 of them and only one out of 5 had a reduced set of requirements).

 So why does a simple virus checking tool need access to location (?), contacts (?), camera (?), caller ID (?) and more? Even if I trust the provider of the tool (top sellers are well known industry players), where do I find assurance that the data is not used for adverts, for business beyond my control or even worse?

Why do I not get a decent price with full assurance that all the information will stay on my phone and not be used for other purposes than virus scanning?

It is so difficult - to understand clearly what is done with my data when the license says "anonymized"! We all know about license texts and their legal phrasing. And if its not legally phrased to get a clear picture what is meant by "improving our service". At least I can understand that the data is copied from my phone to some strange place somewhere in the wide Internet. And who else is allowed to use the data for purposes beyond the control of the app(lication) provider, may be because of legal requirements? Do I have to know where the servers analysing my data are located? Do I have to understand the local law to understand the rules? You think this is unreal? It just happened to me when (not) installing management software for a printer I have bought in a store.

Why do I not get decent software with a product I have paid for in the store? And clear assurance that the data stays on may computer (or whatever device I am using)?

Would you accept to buy a house and with your contract signature you allow someone to come at their leasure repeatedly, copy/log everything what they find "for house improvements" (in the good case)? Without accepting such license terms you would not be allowed to live in the house - even if you have paid for it! Well you just do that when you buy a smartphone.

 So what can we do? We are customers and in some cases we have a choice - so go for those products which acknowledge you as the sovereign of your data. Often we do not have a choice (e.g. when buying a smartphone) - so ask your parlamentary representative to make sure that consumer law is established which helps you to maintain sovereignty of your data. And that such law is applied whenever you use your phone, your computer (in the near future also your car as the ultimate mobile device) or servers/services on the Internet.